New Home

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导读:New  HomeOne day,my mother said :"I want a bigger house." so we sold our old  ho…

New Home

  New  Home
      One day,my mother said :"I want a bigger house." so we sold our old  house and bought a new one.After that,I began to wait to move to it. "when will we move to new house?" I asked my mother again and again. She always said:"A few days later."
      Finally,we moved to the new house.There are a living room,two bedrooms,a study room,a kitchen and two bathroom in it.
    Now,I have my own wardrobe!I put my clouthes orderly in it .I aslo have a desk,a bookcase and a very beautiful bed.I like my bedroom very much!
    My parents live in master room.There are a bed,a wardrobe,a desk  and a TV in it.Their desk is smaller than mine,but the wardrobe is more beautiful and bigger than mine.
    There are a desk and bookcase in the study room.The desk and bookcase are the biggest in my house!There are a lot of books in the bookcase.I like reading books in study room.
    In the living room, there are a another TV and sofa.The living room is bigger than the  old one.It is very bright and beautiful.
    This is my new home.It is beautiful,isn't it?Welcome you come to my home if you like it!